• Many thanks to Ian Longstaff for his lovely table roundups, posted on YT. And here is... WEEK SEVEN!

    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.


  1. NitroNimbus

    SS Recreation BAM FP Big Bang Bar (Capcom, 1996)

    NitroNimbus submitted a new resource: BIG BANG BAR - MOD 2.0 Read more about this resource...
  2. unclewilly

    VP9 SS Recreation Big Bang Bar (Capcom, 1996) VP9 v1.0

    Big Bang Bar (Capcom 1996) VP9 v1.0 By unclewilly IPD No. 4001
  3. Z

    VP9 SS Recreation Big Bang Bar (Capcom, 1996) VP9 v1.0 Nude MOD 2020-01-28

    Big bang bar (Capcom, 1996) VP9 v1.0 Nude MOD IPD No. 4001 I took a sims 2 skin and wrapped it around the dancer model creating a realistic nude dancing model.
  4. unclewilly

    VP9 SS Recreation Big Bang Bar (Capcom, 1996) VP9

    big bang bar for vp9.1x is available in the pn download section author:unclewilly and grizz enjoy DOWNLOAD : https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/big-bang-bar-v1-0-capcom-1996.5090/
  5. PacDude

    VP8 SS Recreation Big Bang Bar (Capcom, 1996) VP8 v1.3 2020-01-28

    PacDude, Version:1.3, Capcom 1996, IPD No. 4001 Rules:
  6. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Airborne (Capcom, 1996) VP8 v1.0

    Tab/Destruk, Version:1, Capcom 1996, IPD No. 3783
  7. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Breakshot (Capcom, 1996) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Apocalypse/Destruk/Gottlieb, Version:1, Capcom 1996, IPD No. 3784 Thanks to Destruk for scripting and bug testing. Special thanks to Gottlieb for the center shot coding!
  8. L

    VP8 SS Recreation Flipper Football (Capcom, 1996) VP8 v1.1

    Joep/LuvThatApex, Version:1.1, Capcom 1996, IPD No. 3945
  9. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Kingpin (Capcom, 1996) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Kingpin by Destruk, UncleReamus IPD No. 4000 Rules:
  10. T

    VP8 SS Recreation Pinball Magic (Capcom, 1995) VP8 v2.0 2020-01-28

    Pinball Magic (Capcom, 1995) VP8 v2.0 by Destruk, TAB IPD No. 3596 Rules:
  11. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Airborne (Capcom, 1996) VP9 v1.0 [16-9] 2020-01-28

    Tab/Destruk, 16:9 Conversion maintainer Destruk Version:1 Capcom 1996 IPD No. 3783 ROM: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/abv106.1504/
  12. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Flipper Football (Capcom, 1996) VP9 v1.1 [16-9]

    Joep/LuvThatApex Version:1.1 Capcom 1996 IPD No. 3945 ROM: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/ffv104.1807/
  13. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Breakshot (Capcom, 1996) VP9 v1.0 [16-9] 2020-01-28

    Apocalypse/Destruk/Gottlieb Version:1 Capcom 1996 IPD No. 3784 ROM: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/bsv103.1630/
  14. PacDude

    VP8 SS Recreation Breakshot (Capcom, 1996) VP8 v1.1

    PacDude Version 1.1 Capcom 1996 IPD No. 3784 RULES:
  15. PacDude

    VP8 SS Recreation Capcom BreakShot (PD) V1.0 Released

    I've sent my new Capcom BreakShot table to AJ's. Once validated, it will appear here: http://www.vpforums.com/vptables/tables.php?ltr=B BreakShot Table Info =============== -Press F6 for Options Menu during the game -I recommend if you feel this table is worthwhile to play and...
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