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  1. GeorgeH

    Support File FP Future Pinball Installation Program and Alternate Executables 2022, July 26

    Translate to French or Other Language Click on the link on the left and a new tab will open with this page translated into French. Click on the "To:" pull-down option to select a different language. Installation Program At one point in time, some folks had trouble downloading the Future...
  2. R

    Support File BAM BAM (Better Arcade Mode) All versions, through v.1.5-36x and beyond

    Better Arcade Mode (BAM) is an add-on that improves and extends functionality across Future Pinball and other FP-related & pinball-related systems. It's required by many modern FP tables, which will not work properly (or at all) unless BAM is installed. The easiest way to install Future...
  3. theGhost787

    Support File FP Future Pinball, logo remover version "Ghost 2.5"

    1) First install regular FP 2) Then unzip this file and drag it in to your base FP folder 3) Make a shortcut for it and now you have both versions running. 4) When you run this version, now you will notice that the FP Logo is GONE :D Note: This .exe is probably not necessary anymore. See...
  4. B

    Support File Future Pinball Program (final Black version)

    This is the 'core FP' package. It is both a pinball development system, and the necessary infrastructure required to play Future Pinball tables. "FP" allows you to design and play your very own pinball simulations in true, real time 3-D, along with thousands of other tables by other authors...