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This is the 'core FP' package. It is both a pinball development system, and the necessary infrastructure required to play Future Pinball tables. "FP" allows you to design and play your very own pinball simulations in true, real time 3-D, along with thousands of other tables by other authors.

Future Pinball home page:

NOTE: As of 2021, it is heavily recommended that your modern FP install be via BAM instead of using this older install. The "BAM" install contains the core FP program (final version: Dec 2010) coupled with all the later development of Rafal Janicki's BAM continuation.

"BAM" essentially solves many, many of the original FP's shortcomings, plus adds a host of new features.

To install the modern FP+BAM package, skip this install and start here, instead:
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