1. shiva

    shivaFlippers 3.1 tutorial and example

    With the debut of the variable coil system with the latest release of Jungle girl fpx, Future Pinball flipper physics took a step forward to respectability. The ability to be able to fine tune the speed of the shots coming from the flippers have made a big change to the playability of FP games...
  2. shiva

    shivaFlippers v3 beta test thread

    With the new version 3 of shivaFlippers as part of the fpx series of tables, a lot of changes have happened to the dynamics of fp physics. The new variable coil feature is a absolute game changer, and with the improvements to the aiming system of the flippers, the removal of the timers and extra...
  3. shiva

    SS Original Table BAM FP Jungle Girl (Original) fpx (Preview Release)

    shiva submitted a new resource: Jungle Girl fpx (Preview Release) - Welcome to the Jungle Read more about this resource...
  4. shiva

    SS Original Table BAM FP Jungle Girl (Original) fpx (Preview Release) rc1

    Been a long time since I have done one of these solo. I love the classic Bally tables. They were the perfect definition of "easy to learn, fun to play, hard to master" as quoted by Harry Williams. When I decided to do this table, I thought about how much I wanted to pay tribute to those great...
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