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  1. xenonph

    EM Recreation BAM FP 300 (Maresa, 1970) BAM MOD

    xenonph submitted a new resource: 300 (Maresa, 1970) MOD - NitroNimbus MOD Read more about this resource...
  2. NitroNimbus

    EM Recreation BAM FP 300 (Maresa, 1970) BAM MOD v2.0

    300 (Maresa, 1970) v2.0 BAM MOD IPD No. 4633 Hi All, MOD 2.0 with BAM updates, cheers! Authors: Tomasaco, @NitroNimbus. PLEASE NOTE: THIS TABLE WILL NOT RUN WITHOUT THE LATEST BAM. Scripts Folder needs to be placed in the Future Pinball Folder not BAM folder. Download BAM from here or copy and...
  3. T

    EM Recreation FP 300 (Maresa, 1975) v1.0

    by tomasaco at 2014-06-28 Type Recreation (real pinball) Manufacturer Maquinas Recreativas Sociedad Anonima, Madrid, Spain Tradename Maresa Date 1975 IPD No. 4633 FP Physics 1.0 Description Info
  4. E

    VP8 EM Recreation Top Secret (Maresa, 1969) VP8 2020-01-28

    Top_secret_Maresa_1969 by eduguitar1972 IPD No. 4956 Old spanish pinball from Maresa rescue from the oxid
  5. E

    VP8 EM Recreation Metropolis (Maresa, 1981) VP8 2020-01-28

    Metropolis Maresa_1981_ eduguitar72 IPD No. 5732
  6. E

    VP8 EM Recreation Dardos (Maresa, 1969) VP8 v1.1 2020-01-28

    Dardos maresa 1969 by eduguitar72 IPD No. 5913 classic spanish pinball
  7. E

    VP8 EM Recreation Big Horse (Maresa, 1975) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Maresa 1975 by eduguitar1972 IPD No. 255