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Sep 19, 2004
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Last Friday night, my wife and I went to a 'modern' pinball collector's house to party. He owed me some money, so I ended up with a 1951
Bally 'Spot Lite' bingo. It was delivered to me today. It seems complete,
dirty but not damaged, even the backglass and playfield is in good shape, but it's disassembled for shipping. He even threw in a repair diagram and an owner's manual.

I thought the guy was kidding! We were both 'kinda' smashed at the time...

Does anyone out there know anything about it?

Is it worth anything?

I will try to have some pix available so you can see it.

No, but I'll try to find something out about it. If you take pix, make sure they are straight and from above, with the entire playfield. And as little glare as possible. And of course the bacl\k glass too. You can add them to our Gallery, and maybe someone can VP it for you. Hopefully you have the rules.

OK, what you need to do Ken, is get the other two Spot Lites that were made.1935 Duval Mfg, which will be spotlite 2 below, and Gottlieb's 1937 payout by the same name. No pix on that one,



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Thank you for the Spotlite flyer! Me, I think the game is butt ugly, all yellow and fuchsia, but any game covered in cheesecake girls can't be all bad. My friend Marty came by today with the original coin box full of useful stuff like bolts and pinballs and stuff like that.
It's constructed a lot like a preWWII bumperless game, the only differences are this has more electrical stuff inside
and the parts are bigger.

I think the game may be running and playing by Christmas with any luck.


Yeah, a lot of machines in that era were colorful to say the least. Bingos before Magic screens were actually pretty much alike, so each one used sometimes garish playfield illustrations to try to attract a players attention. And half-clad girls has always been a drawing card.

I know, if it wasn't for the girls, I'd probably sell it right now. My wife likes it, though. She thinks it's pretty, I think it looks like an old fishing lure.

Well, if you get so sick of it that you want to GIVE it away, PM me for my address. I think I could fit it into my apartment. Anything to help out a friend. :p

I don't know what to do with it yet, and the red haired girl at #14 and #15 *is* kinda cute... hee hee

And I've always had a weakness for red heads. I'd probably have better luck with them than I did in real life. Not that I'm trying any longer.

I maqy be married but I'm NOT dead... Looking never hurt anyone.

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