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Dec 28, 2020
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Here is a file to have for Future Pinball called:

It came from:
This is a file that you put into the main directory
where you have put the Future Pinball software.
You must extract it from the zip file.
What is a zip file?
It's like a "drawer" that can have multiple
things into or a single thing.

You must have a extracting zip software to
have the file Dinput8 that is into.
I suggest one of these softwares named:
7zip, or WinRar, or WinZip
What it does?

It can make yourself when you create a pinball game
the possibility to control the ball in game

This is quite usefull to play and test your game you create.
When you have put the file named
into your main directory of your software
you will then be able to control and move the ball
in your game with your mouse.
The next thing to do is to configurate Future Pinball
to make possible with a "left mouse click" to
control the movement of you ball in game or not
From the software Future Pinball go to the text menu writen:
after choose the sub option named:
Game Keys and Controls
This should make a window that open that look as this:
What you do with this Future Pinball menu?
On the left where there is the words:
Mouse/Joypad Controllers
Simply "checkmark" the square writen (Enable)
just next to it on the right choose "Mouse"
Then below of your selection you see it is writen
Pinball Roller
After just beside of it, choose the option
This mean that when you "Left Mouse Click"
you then control the ball in game.
Also when you again "Left Mouse Click"
you then put back the ball to normal
The last thing of the same menu near the bottom
you see theses things:
Test Roller X
choose the option just beside writen
Test Roller Y
choose the option just beside writen
This indicate that when you move your mouse
That it will Roll horizontaly
also when you move your mouse
That it will Roll your ball in game verticaly

After simply close the window by clicking "OK"
I hope that theses instructions was simple enough for all. When i have created my own Future Pinball game it was hard for me to test my programming and game. Because the ball i have no control of it.

So i have played for hours and hours, hoping that the ball with hit some targets or other components that i have planned. This only for testing before putting the game online.

With the previous instructions i have givin. Peoples dont have to waste hours to test the ball in game. They can test it exactly as they want, because they decide where the ball goes and what the ball hit. Even the orders of objects hitted, if into your game there is an order of things to hit to obtain some goal.

Please tell me what you think about my guides and instructions. It's simply is important for my self to make it easy for any ones to understand and to follow. Well i try to explain it and make it easy to understand.
Hi 20degree,
When I started mucking around with FP years ago I was not aware this was available until I seen a youtube clip of someone using it.
It took me forever to find the info from scrolling through forum after forum. I am certain most guys here are aware of the feature but for anyone starting out this is a perfect guide. Factual, informative and too the point. I also like the approach and layout.
Well done mate, cheers!
All my free pdf guides about the software Futurepinball and other softwares, i have made them with many step by step images and instructions. Not only that but i put my self in the shoes of "beginners readers". What i mean by that is that i look the images and read the text, as if it was not my self that writen the guides.

I want to be sure that my step by step images and detailed instructions is easy for all to follow. Not only for advanced peoples, but mostly for beginners. I simply look the images, read the text and "i do the instructions". Many tutorials online, even video guides and documents are created by the designers and programmers. This is what many peoples tell me, by some forums i am onto and by writing me.

Theses peoples are real disapointed of there indications. Many of them have told me, that they hate there instructions, videos and documentations. Many of them have told me that they would prefer that it's my self that do for them the guides, instructions and documentations. I even had from many peoples bad comments of many of there instructions. They told that because of there instructions they would definetly not recommend there software; simply because there videos, guides and documentations are not great as my instructions that are way better.

I wont indicate there softwares, it is not my intention to discriminate them. These peoples can discriminate them by there own and indicate to other peoples to not have some softwares for there own reasons.

It's Ike Savage that have suggested to me, if i have correctly understand; to do some step by step follow posts online guides. Peoples can still have my free pdf guides. If peoples do so, i would like to have there points of views; like writen here or others. Why? Because it's is important for my self to make my free guides better for all.

As told i am not perfect, but i can easy put my self in the shoes of peoples that are disapointed of guides and instructions. I am still disapointed about some guides and instructions about some softwares, trying to do there indications and follow trough videos. I can say that i think that i understand peoples, putting my self in shoes of peoples.

Thank's for your comments. A+
Hang on, where is the actual file / guide? Am I looking right past it or something...? :blush:

I'm also curious if browsers like FF have built-in PDF support (Chrome does).

I ask that, because I find it really handy to open a PDF in a separate tab, without having to use a 3rd party reader. That way it lets people read the guide as quickly as possible, assuming the file is not zipped.

That would be my recommendation, anyway. :)
Yes with the browser Firefox you can read my free pdf guides. They are into my personnal free website into my section "creations/futurepinball/guides".

The links that i have shared on my site goes directly to my pdf files and not a zip file, on my google online drive. Doing so make peoples have the possibility to see and read my guides online. They can also download them and share them, to use it offline also. You can also do a Google search by simply writing: Sylvain Futurepinball Free Pdf Guide.

Note that the word Futurepinball is not (Future Pinball) when you do a search. It's quite possible that you find my free personnal website as the 1st result, even simply writing my full name on google it's possible that you find my website on the at leass 5 first page results. Note that i dont have a Facebook account. But some peoples that i know that have an accound, have done a search and found peoples that had the same name as my self, also they noted that it's not me because they know me. Being in the top search results, i can say i'm SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When peoples pay sometime a fortune to be in the top.

My free personnal website is: https://sylvain.heliohost.org (Home Page)

I still don't understand what you're trying to do with this thread, Sylvain. Why don't you put the direct link to the Ball Control PDF in the first post?
I have not made a pdf guide about Ball Control as far as i remember. I still have difficulty's to understand what some peoples ask me.

Some peoples have suggested to my self to put links to my many pdf guides in one posting. Some peoples have writen me by my contact form, to simply put one subject that is related to one pdf guide link; and in a simple post into to write simply in text what this guide is about. Some peoples have told me to give indications to do things with FP, but as i told them i dont know everything but fiew things. Some peoples have suggested to my self to write some guides in french.

Sorry Ike Savage i try to understand peoples. My brain and actions work slow, probably from a 3 days coma i had when i was very young. The more peoples know me trough time, they just have to ask my self some questions.

I wonder what peoples want?

Do they want that i do a subject with a serie of postings with many text and many images that give indications for FP?

Do they want that i simply do a subject that is linked to a single pdf file or/and link?

Do they want that i put many pdf files or/and links in a single post?

Do they want to go see online or/and download my free pdf guides from my free website?

So many questions.
"Control Ball in Game of FuturePinball Guide" is the name of the thread.

When I say "Ball Control" PDF, I'm talking about the guide you're referring to in this thread.

I'm asking you where the guide is. If you're going to make a thread about the guide, please link it in the first post. Am I being clear in that?

Thanks for explaining your situation, and here's my situation-- I'm an admin here, i.e. one of the people who works to support and run the site. Because I work for the site and spend a lot of time helping to keep it well-organised, I made the recommendations to you that I did in the past.

I have therefore added (in bold, red) a place for you to link to the guide in the first post. Please take care of that.

Thank you!
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Dont worry Ike Savage, when i'll have time i'll write a guide about controlling the ball in game. I must watch old youtube video tutorials, since i have forgotten fiew things about creating guides with OpenOffice (must first find theses videos). I found it a good thing to do for peoples a guide about controlling the ball in game. Then i must do some basic background look for the pages.

I wonder if it's possible that i could have into my e-mail some press kit (images of big size and great resolution) of PinballNirvana to use for my future guides (free) or maybe one day (selling guides). I simply ask by respect of copyrights and authors rights; and to protect my self. If you want to know how i would use the images? Certainly not for discriminating PinballNirvana, as i did have respect for others into my previous guides. But more important that i do believe, is that the images keep there size ratio (not as a rubber stretching band); this to respect the images properties. Indicating also in my e-mail my full name that i can use the images, once again to protect my self.

I think maybe create some french basic guides about FP. I dont know how work the "u.n.e.q (union national des écrivains du Québec)" to create a pdf document to real book in hand for them to publish. Having difficulties to understand terms, rules, contracts and so on. Many times the terms, rules and more have many directions explications, that my brain have difficulties to understand and grab sadly. There are many high-school and college words that these terms, contacts, etc have; and that is not clear for my self.

Many writers to publishers, i have heard bad stories online, that the authors have lost many things and had to pay many things also. A+
Dont worry Ike Savage, when i'll have time i'll write a guide about controlling the ball in game.

I thought this thread was about a guide that already existed!

From the first post:
Here is an other online guide for Future Pinball users that i find important.
Sorry mate, but where is the guide, please...?
I have to study more the free soft Gimp (Gnu Image Manupulation Program). I use more online free softwares and none online free software. That's how i have made images that was put into the pages of the guides. It's important for me to be honest and legal. The tools i use and have used in the past that i dont have anymore, i do think there are all legal.

Long time ago i have used trial softwares, that i believe that i dont have any more. I have contacted recently Adobe to buy the softwares into Adobe Creative Suit CS2 for Windows, because long time ago i liked this software; and would like to have it for a unlimited time of use and legally. But it seem that it's not available anymore. They have told me that i could use the Adobe CS6 Master and they would give just for me a 30 days trial, rather than just a 15 days trial for other peoples. But i have writen them, that it's important for me to use much more and have a license to use it in my e-mail.

With Gimp i can save and export the image as if it was an Adobe Photoshop images. But because it's been quite some time i have not used Gimp and with the new version. I must watch many video tutorials of Gimp. The thing i must learn that maybe peoples could indicate me some step by step youtube videos is with Gimp....

How to "crop" an image, some peoples would say to simply frame what i want of the image. How to know at what resolution the image is and what size it is. How to export the image into some size and some amount of resolution; so that the images in the guides dont loose too much quality. How to optimise the images for books, guides and for the web. Things about the colors as RGB, or CYMB, or Web Hexadecimal colors. There are so many questions about Gimp.

I think also once i understand much more Gimp and how to manipulate it for the images. I could maybe also create a Milkshape3D guide in french. I still have the e-mail from Mete Ciragan from Milkshape3D that i can do printscreens of the software; to make guides for free or even commercially. But first thing first, i must know more Gimp. At leass my first step by step postings here about knowing how to control the ball in game is fine.

Because my brain is slow, it take my self a lot of time to memorize and to understand things like Gimp and others. Even i get tired and sleepy in front of the screen, because it take my self a lot of energy. The same things happen to me for other things i learn, probably because of the coma i had in the past when a car hitted me when i was crossing a street. It's not that i dont want to help, it's all the energy it take to me. But on the more then 7 billions of peoples on earth, i must not be the only one that is like that. This beside my ways of life, like the hours i work in the week, groceries, pay bills, cleaning and so on. I hope that you understand?

It's hard for me when peoples learn things quick and fast, when me it take time and exaust my self. When peoples understand things easy, when it take a lot of time for me. Id like to be as great and quick and smart as many peoples out there.

So this is really a WIP, then?

The thread is not about a finished guide, correct?

Since the answers seem to be "yes," I'll go ahead and move this thread to an appropriate place. (if I'm mistaken, the thread can always be moved back)

The "Tutorials & Guides" section is meant for finished guides, although perhaps that's not as clear as it should be. Hmm.
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