4/1/03 site was born....


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Jun 8, 2003
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The site was born over 16 years ago and I still refuse to be active with Facebook, Twitter and all of that other stuff, did you know that we host IRPinball and many other pinball related subdomains?

Am still looking for a replacement for a John (tiltjlp), he disappeared a long time ago and he is missed, he was in charge of promotion and I suck at that..:gone:e

I have a backup of the very old PinballOriginals.com, we used to host it, did you know that downloads at IRPinball.org still has no download limits for anyone, Pinball Nirvana for 15 years didn't require anything but now requires you to register but still has no limits?

Just a sample of the stuff you could twit or whatever it is that you do..

<iframe src="
" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0"></iframe>


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Wow, that Romolo guy sure is cranking out the oldies over there on IRP.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook was actually quite useful for me for the purposes of looking up people I knew from high school and such. It's also a scam of course, designed to collect your information and monetize it. So there's that. Sign of the times, really.
Wow! Good ol' IRPinball! I think I managed to stumble across it before I even discovered the old VP. There's a version of Paragon there that still has the most realistic feel of the actual game of all the computer-released versions, and that includes the Pinball Arcade release. Once upon a time I fed and fed well at IRPinball. Thanks for the mammaries.
Pinball Nirvana turned 17 Years Old! Let Them eat a Pinball Cake...

:band: :bigdance: :birthdayboy: :beer: :cheers: :pint: :drummer: :fruitdance: :guiness: :hulagirls: :pinball:
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Okay, I'm getting ready to post a better pinball cake than that, Pinball Nirvana will be 18 in a week!

I think we'll make it, might try to find a variation of the flash fireworks that we had in our postnuke past.
The site is 18 years old today!

Way back when, Pinball Nirvana had a excellent flash fireworks program installed and Users could direct the explosions with clicks in the virtual sky, I looked for something similar but failed miserably. We're gonna have to settle celebrating with .gif fireworks, a video and different pinball cakes.

These images and Video were added to the Media section and then embedded into the forums, Users can create their own albums with their own permissions, I have this Album (Pinball Nirvana's 18th Birthday) set for all users to view it and registered users able to add stuff to it.

View media item 8139

:birthday: :birthdayboy:
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Bene !!! I think it is an achievement that can make you feel proud, to those who administer this site, congratulations. behind a great site there are great administrators and behind the administrators there are great users.

I also believe and hope that we "guys who were in Gopinball" in 2020/21, have brought a little more joy.

So congratulations PN.

PS:when I say administrators I mean all the staff members.
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The longest running Virtual Pinball site in existence!!
There is a treasure trove of info in the forums here, that goes back 20 years!
A time capsule capturing all of the great moments in Virtual Pinball history!

Thanks to @JonPurpleHaze and all of the past and present Administrators, Moderators, and any unseen hands that helped keep this site going!
But most of all, thanks goes to all of our Members and content creators!

Emulation is the preservation of history!
Pinball Nirvana turns 21 Today!

Unbelievable to me, but it's still getting better. None of this would be possible without the support of all of the folks that have been a huge part of the site! Special Thank You's to tiltjlp (John), @shiva, @StevOz, @pinballdaveh, @Isaac Sauvage, @GeorgeH and @xenonph!

And Thanks to All of our Users, and especially to the Site Supporters!
We have plans to keep pulling the plunger and it's been a blast, help us celebrate with a new pinball cake, a card and Fireworks!


Posted with the Forums Gallery Embed BBcode from this Album:

Personally, I absolutely love the forums but I've always had a special place in my heart for serving Pinball Files to folks from all over the world. :pinball:
Well now, PN, let's see...
Now that you're 21, what new and exciting things can you partake of?

Google, from sources across the web:

- Adopt a child
- Gamble
- Buy alcohol
- Buy weapon
- Change your ID
- Become an Uber driver
- Buy legal cannabis
- Get your pilots license

Which reminds me... how many booze, cannabis and aircraft tables are there..?
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