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Jun 9, 2003
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Will has asked me to post the following message, which I edited, on all the forums.

I realize I’ve been gone a while, but I have released a number of games to keep you occupied until I’m able to return to the VP scene. Hit The Goal, Bonanza, Flip It, and Face To Face can be had at both Flipperless.com and at shivaSite. I have told tiltjlp to also release Hi-Lo. Hi-Lo is a card theme flipperless game, similar to Sure Shot, but it is a bit more challenging, I think. I’ve included a Before image, to show you how much work went in to redrawing the playfield. It should be available soon at Flipperless, and later at shivaSite.

I hope these tables and games will keep you happily nudging for a while, since other projects will keep me busy though the last part of 2006, until I can return to VP, and start making more tables again. I’m now working with a small group of gamers on a massive add-on for The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. Hopefully we will complete this add-on sooner than expected, so I can return to the VP scene.

I do miss hearing from all my VP buddies, and vow to return to VP some day. Until then, if you would like to contact me, post to this thread, or contact my tester, tiltjlp, who will relay any comments to me. I’m not currently in the US, so the only way to reach me is through John/tiltjlp.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported my work the past several years. If not for your support and feedback, I would have probably left long ago. Thank you all. It has been fun So Far, hasn’t it?

A special to shiva, and all the good folks at shivaSite. The forum we had there for Flipperless and Novelty work was both enjoyable and supportive. I’d also like to say hello to JPH for his support of Flipperless authors. And special hellos go to Kinsey, Destruk, Apoc, Mr Fixx, PINMAN, and Des Angle. I’m sure I missed someone, but these folks were and are special friends.

Again, I’m sorry I’ve been gone a while, and will be gone for at least another couple of years, but I will return eventually. My warmest wishes and heartfelt gratitude to all the VP authors and players I call my friends, I hope to see you in the future. This is Farewell, but not Goodbye. Take Care.


Recent releases by Druadic, available at shivaSite and Flipper-less.com.

Bonanza, 1935 Exhibit Supply Payout
Hit The Goal 1931 Hurcules Novelty Payout
Hi-Lo 1952 Northwest Coin Mach Flipperless
Flip It! Original Puzzle
Face-To-Face Original Puzzle

VP Games planned for release in 2006/2007

Atomz Original Arcade Game with 100+ levels
Golden Gate 1934 Exhibit Supply Flipperless
Rambler 1934Copyright 2004 Bally Payout
Turntable 19335/5 Gottlieb Flipperless
Cyclone 1935 Gottlieb Flipperless
5 Star Final 1932 Gottlieb Update
Surprise ???? Mills Payout
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