A new playa enters the realm, hmmm.


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Jul 1, 2003
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Hi. I'm wrenchien.

I'm known at the other two places, for making lots and lots of pinballs in the past year.. closing in on , oh, lots of them.

I chose to be a lion rather than a good gorilla or a bad gorilla, this is a neutral wrenchien i choose as my icon who became a lion cause he wasn't going anywhere as a gorilla.

So - as pertains to my icons which are new each month,mmm,

good (albino?) gorilla = VPF

Bad gorilla = VPFF

Neutral lion and ex-gorilla = SS

I hope i am welcome here.

I will even endeavor to make at least one un-flippered game (as opposed to the two pachinkos i did but don't have available on the internet right now)...

hear me roar,

Welcome Wrechien, like the lion, very nice, enjoy your stay.

Have a cocoa for me..

i believe, i will.

still quite a few left.. may be a long time before a fresh supply.

Hi Wrench! I heard you roar. Cool new avitar!

A flipperless Wrenchien table? I might try that out. Don't tell anyone, but I need flippers to stay above water, no flippers and I sink into the gobble hole of life.
Come on in Wrench

But calm down son, your flipperless creations are safe and resting nicely at TMOF, one is in the Pachinko section, another in the Novelty area, and a third in Bagatelles. But there is always room for another Wrenchien unique original. You might be a bit unusual, but here you're cool.

Welcome wrenchien :rainbowafro:

I liKe the lion avatar! (check out the dragon section of avatar's!)

I hereby decree tiltjlp as a "designee" to attempt to collect a complete library of wrenchien (You have to helP!) table release threads and PUT them in the "table Info" section of your .vpt's! I'll help both fo you dudes!
More work, OH NO!

Well, Jon and Wrench, you two get started, and I lend a hand when I have time. As if I'll even have time. Those release stories really should be published, they're that creative.

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