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Your updated Mad Mag 2.1 is fantastic fun, and I really dig your back drop. Did you get your images from the 7 disc CD set that I have? Whenever I get stressed, I pop in one of those CDs and nothing else much matters. My only gripe is that the set only covers issues through 1998. No matter, your update is excellent, and I like your sense of humor with the scores needed for replays. To boot, it's not an easy table. Nice work, funny guy.

Thanks so much John, Yes, i have the the MAD CD set, I got the covers from there and the 2 It's A Gas instrumentals. I had the original cardboard It's A Gas record when I was a kid :) I liked doing this table because it allowed me to use some of my sound effects waves I've gathered in the last year or so.

I'm surprised you like the gameplay though as I like to make my tables a little tough to play, but easy to win a ball on. Press the C Key to learn how to cheat or how to get a free ball or to see the multiball if your having troubles with the flippers :) (meaning keeping the ball alive long enough to win Free Balls and Multiball) Also I have a few hidden messages for you if you don't plunge the ball strong enough to make it to the playing field.

This table has presently been uploaded to http://www.vp-originals.com/ and since you asked, here's a screenshot...

I was the first one to download the new version. And just because I'm lousy doesn't mean I don't like tough games, as long as they are fair. My high score so far is 118, partly because I keep looking at the covers, or listening to the dumb sounds, which make me laugh. And it's hard to time a flipper move when you're shaking from laughter. So how about a Marginals table, or maybe Spy vs Spy? I'll check out the C key, I think Alfred would like the idea of a cheat key.

Your High Score is 118???? Seriously???? Let me help you out a little... Yes, you can use the [Space Bar] and [Z] and [/] Keys for nudging, but you can also actually make the flippers go up and down by pressing the [shift] keys :D Try to make the flipper go up when the ball is in the vicinity of the corresponding flipper, this will dramatically increase your score. :D Please try the cheat key so you can at least see the Alfred Multiball. It's really not that hard to play a total of 15 to 30 balls a game (without cheating)
Now I only played two games with 2.1, and the first game was 42, so I did improve. I'll try your suggestions and see how I do. What I might do is make a private mod of MM 2.1 and morph it into a flipperless game, then I might have a chance. If I do, I'll send you a copy just to bug you.

Ok, I just went and played 1 game with just the right flipper and had 188 and then I played just an average game and I played 19 balls, I took a screenshot of the stats page so you could see what an average game should look like, this was without nudging.

Now you're just showing off. And it is your table. I bet I could beat you if we both played a few games on Reactions Bagatelle, which I have mastered the art of nudging with. I've scored over 2.5 million points playing RB, which is more than I usually score on those sky high scoring modern contraptions. But I don't worry about scores that much, as long as I have fun.

So, when's Midnight Madness for Dayton, and are you going? XU will have their's at 6 PM the 23rd. hope both teams do really well.

tiltjlp said:
Now you're just showing off.

seriously, I'm not... That was just an average game

And it is your table. I bet I could beat you if we both played a few games on Reactions Bagatelle

Go to VPOH and you'll see I can beat your scores on your own tables :) you have 0 points on yours. :)


I have mastered the art of nudging

Prove it at http://www.t-raw.be/vpinball/index.php?page=12[/quote]

So, when's Midnight Madness for Dayton, and are you going? XU will have their's at 6 PM the 23rd. hope both teams do really well.

I will root for both teams, I always root for Ohio teams, except for the Bengals :)
Well, I wish I could get involved with the tournament tables, but for some reason, I've never gotten any of them to run. I get some sort of error message, so after downloading several of the tables two and three things each, I simply gave up.

Well, if that was an average game you showed, I'm impressed. My new high score is 1234, and I haven't cheated yet. I probably will use the cheat mode for teh fun of it, but I want to see how well I can do without it. It doesn't really bother me, I've always been lousy with flippers, and eventually I've gotten used to it. And yes, the Bungles are a joke.

LOL, but 1234 can't be your new high score as you win a free ball at 1234. :)

We can get you up and playing at VPOH, but you need to post what you're doing at that forums. It will also help us know what area that people are having problems with in getting it to work. I had a problem myself with the file in my email from there.

I'm off to play cards now, be back around midnight. :)
Well, here's proof of my high score. Maybe Alfred is playing a trick on me. As for the tourney tables, I'll DL one of them again, so I can get the error message and post about it in the T Raw forums.



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hehe, that's the default High Score :) Here's a line from the code...

If HighScore < 1000 Then HighScore=1234

Please try the cheat so you can see the Alfred Multiball 8)
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