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Aug 17, 2021
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Ai generated code


  • 1 How it was written.pdf
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  • 2 object oriented scripting ex.pdf
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  • 3 compnany oriented commands synax.pdf
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  • 4 procedural syntax.pdf
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  • 5 - POSSIBLE Object Oriented commands for Future Pinball with examples.pdf
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  • 6 =POSSIBLE more object oriented commands for Future Pinball with examples.pdf
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  • 7 - POSSIBLE Procedral commands for Future Pinball with examples.pdf
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  • 8 - POSSIBLE more Procedral commands for Future Pinball with examples.pdf
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  • 9 {PSSOBLE even more procrfursl commands.pdf
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  • 10 {PSSOBLE even more procrfursl commands.pdf
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Yesterday, a guy on Lemmy shared some GPT4-generated JavaScript that helps migrate one's Reddit settings over.

So now, I'm not just reading about people using AI to generate useful code, but trying out such code myself. The genie's more & more out of the bottle, it seems.
I did this a few months back, but didnt post the results.
I cleaned them up, it actually was very helpful in learning visual basic
This is interesting, but there are lots of errors when ChatGTP tries to do something it doesn't have enough info on. E.g. VB Script doesn't support Inherits statement for class creations which limits some aspects of OOP/OOD. You have to be a bit more creative to make something seem like a subclass of something else in VB Script.
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You can interact with the ChatGPT Bot in any Chat Room and there is a dedicated room. The command is /ai followed by a space and then your ? or inquiry.
ie: /ai What is a EM Pinball Machine?
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