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Announcing my next flipperless project: A quest-style game.


Pinball Nudger
I have no title for this project as of yet, but it will be a quest-style format.

The basic gist I've been able to focus in my brain is as follows:

Similar to an RPG, the player starts off by "selecting" an area of the "world" by shooting the ball down the playfield. In other words, where the ball falls is the area you will be exploring, or some such.

In the area you have "selected", you will be exploring and interacting with the environment. You may encounter obstacles such as hills, cliffs, and even enemies. I've yet to decide how the ball will be manipulated, but NO flippers will be used.

Your ultimate goal would be of course to explore all points of the map and gain the prize. What the ultimate prize would be, I am uncertain. I'm unsure of many things in the game at this point, actually. lol It will be an epic sized quest just to MAKE the game. I've some concerns about the number of walls VP can handle, as I had problems with excessive walls with a project I worked on quite some time ago. I also have an entire world to conceive of, as well as a basic storyline and a million other things.

I'm not quite sure when I'll be starting, as I am working on another massive project at this moment. In the meantime, I welcome any suggestions anyone has. If there is anything you'd like to see in this game, such as certain modes of play or other various concepts, I will be very receptive to your suggestions. I want this to be a fun game for everyone.

I look forward to your input.



PN co-founder
Sounds a bit different, sort of like Where's Waldo adventure without Waldo. I have some ideas I'd like to give you as far as ball movement and such. I'd rather kick them around with you in our chat room some time you have a few minutes, or an hour, to spare. I've got a number of things I'd like to discuss with you besides this project, if you're not gunshy. Drop me a PM to let me know when you can chat, a day in advance, and I'll be there waiting.

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