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VP8 Original Table Anthias' releases with flippers.


Pinball Player
Hi, since this is a generic 'every thing else VP' Forum, I'll start this thread for my evil, nasty, dirty "Flipper Tainted" tables (lol). Rather than put a full blurbing thread for each new release, I shall simply ad a reply to this thread for each new table that cannot be claimed as being Flipperless. Thus if people end up only coming here, they can still know about such releases, and I don't have two dozen threads clogging this place :)

And i, I shall commence this thread by announcing that a new Flippered EM table, War With The Gizmos (50's sci-fi table #3), is available at Elusium Studios. http://galileo.spacepors.com/~anthias

Since this is not a flippered table site, I'll keep each release noticfication as brief as that.



PN co-founder
Start seperate theads, Anthias

Just because our main focus is Flipperless doesn't mean we don't value all tables, and all authors. In fact I enjoy your flippered work almost as much as your GOOD :p tables hosted by Jon and me. In fact, if enough folks request it, we'll add a Flippered WIP/Release section. We're not anti anything, except maybe being too rigid.

But I do think your ratio of FL to F is much too low.

John . . . As you can see, we listen to our members. :p