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Auto Race (Gottlieb1956) WIP's


Pinball Wizard
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Works in Progress

I hope to complete the job in a month.
They are in the phase begins them.
Saluti Furio


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PN co-founder
Nice project

I really like car themes, so I'm looking forward to this one. One of my favorite pins is Struggle Buggies, and this should be as much fun. Does the ball loop around the top part of the playing field? It almost looks like a racing oval.



Pinball Wizard
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Thanks for the observations.
I enclose Flyer
Saluti Furio


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Pinball Player
Hi Furio,

Looking at the layout, it almost seems that "Auto Race" is about fifteen years ahead of it's counterparts in the 50's. It looks very early 1970's. I also like motor racing and I usually don't play older tables (apart from flipperless), I think this looks like fun. My usual likes are mid 70's to early 90's.



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