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Back to the Future (Data East, 1990) VP9

VP9 Data East SS Recreation Back to the Future (Data East, 1990) VP9 v1.01 [DT][WS][NM]

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Solid State Machines


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StevOz submitted a new resource:

Back to the Future (Data East Pinball, 1990) [DT][WS][NM] - Marty McFly just broke the time barrier. He's only got one week to get it fixed.

This is the WS desktop mod of the Back to the Future FS night mod by LoadedWeapon..

Many thanks to jpsalas for his original recreation, LoadedWeapon for his Night Mod and Rascal for the new backdrops.

There are 2 backdrop images included backdrop1 and backdrop2, default is backdrop1, which allows for a double sized SS display.

  • Changed Backdrop settings for desktop.
  • ...

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Isaac Sauvage

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I wonder what that was about, specifically?

Maybe Data East consulted with her over using various film resources for the pin.

Btw, something I just read at the IPDB, and never realised before:
Michael J. Fox did not allow his likeness to appear on the game. The "Marty McFly" image on the backglass and playfield is artist Paul Faris' son.

Fred Young did voice characterizations on this game.
Wonder what the hell that was about, too?