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VP8 Flipperless Original Table Block's Quiz Show


Pinball Wizard
I just recently uploaded a trivia quiz game to VP-Originals. Before I upload it here, though, I need to know if it would be accepted, because, although it doesn't have any flippers, it's not exactly a pinball game, either. It is, however, made with VP. That said, what it needs is questions. It currently has 348 questions, but to be a really good quiz game, it needs more. So far, the game has several categories for questions. They are: US state capitals (50, complete), US postal abbreviations(50, complete), World Capitals (197, complete?), Math (simple to moderate equations, math related questions), Trick questions (Red houses, Blue houses, Greenhouses), Famous People (Historical, Sports legends, no celebrities), US History (Historical events, figures), The Movies (Movie names, actors, etc.), Presidential Trivia (names, info), Celebrities, Sports. For submissions, I have a few limits to impose. First, the questions can be long, but no longer than this:

Q = "-- ------ -- ---- -- ---------- -.-., ---- --- ----- ------ - ------- -- - ------- ------ --- ------ --- ---- - ------ ---- ----- -- --- ------ -- ------ - -------- ----- --- --- ------. -- ------ ----- -- --- '- ---- - -----' ------."

Second, the answers must be in ALL CAPS, and they can be no longer than this:

A = "-------- --------- ----- ------ ---------."

Also, as you may notice in the example below, there are entries for two answers (A1 & A2). That is for questions where one of two anwers are acceptable, names for instance. If the answer to a question is a person's name, then the game can accept the first and last name (FIRST ANSWER), or sometimes just the last name (SECOND ANSWER). If there is but one answer, then just enter it twice, for both the first and second answer in your submission.

Finally, if you are not sure whether or not your question or answer will fit, for the question, create a textbox in VP that is 525w x 175h, and using 16pt Bold Lucida Sans Unicode font, input your question there, and play to test it. For the answer, create a textbox that is 600h x 35h, and using the same font, input the answer (in ALL CAPS), and play to test it, and if they both fit, then you may submit (unintentional pun). As for the submissions, I would like for them to be in the format shown below. Thank you.


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