Bow and Arrow (Bally, 1975) VP921 by Ash

VP9 Bally EM Recreation Bow and Arrow (Bally, 1975) VP921 by Ash 2022-02-17

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
This is evidently the machine used as the template to create the largest-ever arcade pinball, Bigfoot.

Main problem with Bigfoot is that the designers didn't account for the additional stresses of over-sized components, so the machines would literally shake themselves apart.
Whoa. Just looked at the backglass again and the art designer.

It's Christian Marche doing non-pointy people!
Parla con altre parole perchè non capisco
Parla con altre parole perchè non capisco
The artist of this table (Christian Marche) is famous for doing "pointy people" (elongated figures), but in this case, used a completely different style.

I would not have guessed it was Marche if I had not seen the IPDB entry.

Here are examples of his pinball work in various styles:
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