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Brewery Blaster (Original) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Original Table Brewery Blaster 1.0 Released! v1.0

No permission to download


Pinball Player
Hi guys.
I have just released BB 1.0 at VPO, and I am uploading to shiva and nirvana now

I'd like to thank everyone who provided such excellent feedback for this table. I think it has imporved a lot thanks to that, particularly Tiltjlp, whose flipperless knowhow was greatly appreciated.

I have made many small changes to the tables physics, thta add up to a much better playing experience I feel. While I lowered the table slope, please remember that as with any table made with the Anthias Table Template, you can adjust the table slope in game simply by pressing the 's' key to cycle through several gradients of table slope. Obviously the companion flipperspeed adjustment is commented out in this table ....

Also, the two randomised kickers on the central playfield have improved lower-field play dramatically.

Cosmetically I have added a lot of new modelling that was not in place before, and also this table now includes BOTH daytime and nighttime playfields (the night time one is default) so if you want to change, you can.

Anyway, its out now, so I hoep you all enjoy it as much as I do



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PN co-founder
Thanks for the heads up, this is one I've been eagerly awaiting. I'm glad that I was able to offer some useful input, but the game was excellent even before I put my two-cents worth into the mix. And thanks also for two playfield images, it'll be nice seeing what I'm playing for a change.

John :oldman


PN co-founder
This is definately one of my all time favorite tables, and it nudges just the way it should. My new high score is 640,870, which is a lot better than I do on most flippered tables, unless they're designed to score in the gazillions. But I'll bet you're still going to waste your time making flippered stuff too.

John :oldman


Pinball Player
I am glad you enjoy this one John :) thanks for the kind words.

And yes, I will continue making flippered as well as flipperless - in the interests of multigenreism in the era of globalisation! (hehe) in other words, I'll keep trying to support as many pinball styles and era as I can. I think I'm overdue for another EM table :)

But I will assuredly do more flipperless as well.