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Jun 15, 2003
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Hi all! I have just released Brewery Blaster (flipperles) to the beta folder of the downloads section over at www.vp-originals.com

While its in beta, it is a complete and playable table. I don't know what changes will occur for the final release, but I wont have time to do any more on it for a bit, so please download and try this one :)


Oh, and if your want to put it up here JPH, please feel free :)
Just wondering

I know it's only been a few weeks since you released the trail version of BB, but have you decided what, if any, changes you might be making? And would you be willing to give us any hints to those possible changes? Or better yet, when a final version might be seen?

Whenever you do make the final release, let me know and I'll make sure it's added here.

It's not forgotten :)

Hey there. Yeah, I have been strapped for time recently, and will be so longer than I had hoped, but this one is coming "under review" - the suggestions I recieved were great, and I will be implimenting a lot of them in the updated release version when I get a round tuit. I haven't made the final decision yet as to the lower playfield changes. (I will try out a couple of things soon)

it'll be a couple of weeks most likely, though I'd really like to get stuck in to it now - that would mean not doing other things that have no time to spare :) I have a two week "holiday" coming up next week, and the amount of work I have to do during it exceeds the last month! lol stupid RL :D
Hey, at least you have a RL. Me, I wouldn't know reality if I saw it. I'm really a reincarnted Spanish queen. :twisted:

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