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Can someone help me figure out what machine this mechanism is from. Or what would the best way be to research it? Are there any clues who the manufacturer would be? A friend found it while helping her neighbor clean out her family's estate. They were going to throw it out and she saved it. Could it be a baseball game?




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Not let's see if Pinballdaveh or Coil Smoke know.

To me it has a rather homemade look. Too bad it got separated from the rest of the game.


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This looks like a back box panel from a pinball machine, not from a baseball pitch and bat or a baseball theme machine. It's probably not a gottlieb because of the replay counter wheel and the step unit Bakelite wiper discs are facing backwards( common of Chicago coin machines) . The 2 relays look like Chicago coin design also. The light panel and probably the backglass we're hinged for swing open servicing. This old woodrail machine didn't have a match feature, so the step unit without a reset coil could have been for an alternator function or a build up feature that when you build it up to it's highest value you sometimes get a replay and the unit advances to zero.


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So far I've looked at all the Chicago Coin machines on the Internet Pinball Database and have not found a match. Not all the machines listed have photos of the backglass or other illustrations so it could still be a Chicago Coin machine... they have a lot of similarities. I'll keep looking when I have some time to kill. Maybe United next.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check the United machines on the database when I have the time and I'll post back here if it's listed.
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