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Coming Soon Penguin Bagatelle


Pinball Wizard
John suggested that I try to work on a table over my long holiday vacation, so I decided to start. I started with Patrick and John's template and went from there.

I've got a screenshot of what I have so far. Be gentle, it's my first attempt. Once I get the sounds I like, I'll upload the table.


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PN co-founder
Good looking start, Penquin. If you need any help or have any questions either PM me or post them in the Bagatelle & Flipperless Clinic. And if you need anyone to help test the table, my e-address is zifbob1@juno.com. I especially like your cat launcher. One hint I'll offer now, a bagatelle's slope usually is more relaxed than other tables, 4.5 or 5.0 seems to work best.



Add-a-ball specialist
Site Supporters
Alright Penquin! I'm glad to see you playing with the editor.

Now if we could just get you to add some flippers to this table...


Staff member
Site Supporters
But bob, it already has flippers, I can count at least 7 flippers. :D

Looking good there Penguin, don't worry about bob, I think his sight is going. ;)


Pinball Wizard
Don't worry Bob, there will be something with flippers covered in rubber later :D I decided to start with something simple and move up from there. I should be uploading something either later tonight or tomorrow.


PN co-founder
If you don't stop trying to talk folks out of making flipperless tables Bob, I'm going to flip you along side your Spiderweb with a king sized gobble hole. :p

John :oldman
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