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Pinball Player
You know I'm not sure I ever did thank you for creating the AC while you were on staff, so let me just say Thank You. I appreciate that you were trying to make a difference at vpf and in my eyes, you did. At first I thought I'd be curious to wanna peek in and see what's going on, but quite frankly I don't need all the drama, I get enough of that IRL.


appropriate at this time
Oh, you must mean Ike, Tii.

I don't think nic has anything against Paratech. Paratech is struggling to understand why the staff does stupid things and then clam up when they are asked about it.
You should have been there, it was so funny.
Paratech would complain about Peter making another post just like the one I ask to be locked. One that broke the rules of the forum. And Peter would say. What did we ever do to you, Paratech? And Paratech would repeat that it's what they did, not what they did to him, and Peter would say, 'what did we ever do to you?'
VPF is fucked up, and nic would be more than happy for you to believe that it is because of us, the three people he listed. The last post I've read of Ike's there besides his taking one of my threads farther off topic when I asked it to be on topic was to say to Paratech that he would like to work out any problems with him. I have heard the same thing from both Ike and nic, and I bet PacDude has as well, but then posts like this one that he brought here pop up next. He blames the beer, I blame the people. Beer has never ran over and killed children, and it has never told a lie. WTF does he think he is doing here with this post?

PacDude is serving a ban, Peter says it is a suspended account, but Pacdude is banned from posting at VPF right now, So am I, Paratech, I don't know, but I have not seen a post from him either. PacDude's ban is for showing Bob in a bad light. I have not heard anyone agree, but have read disagreement. He just mentioned that Bob and him don't get along which was true.

My ban is self explanatory, I am a hieratic. I have said nothing but truth on this matter, and questioned the logic behind that which they would have us take as gospel, yet will change at a whim to suit them and be the new gospel.

I am different from nic. I complain based on what is happening, not on who it is happening to. I have went around with PacDude, but this is not the first time I have defended him. I disagree with Paratech on many issues, but that does not mean I need to act like I have a problem with him.

Peter lied about why I was banned for over a year.
Peter cheated and created a thread announcing my DA and refused to lock it when it kept going on with attacks.
He cheated and then banned me from the AC and refuses to this day to say why.
Peter 'suspended' my account for a week for 'harassment'. He refuses to point out the infraction.

Now nobody has to say a thing about this. But Paratech did, and PacDude did. Why? Because they are friends of mine, or because they just don't understand such action and see that it is not right and would like to understand why there is such an wide open doule standard enjoyed by those that have the ftp access? I'll leave that up to you to decide for yourself.


Pinball Nudger
Originally posted by blahblah2006 on Oct 30, 2007 - 09:22 PM

Where talking VPF here, WHO CARES !!

Just a thought, i know you guys need to vent frustrations somewhere but flames only burn hotter "AND SPREAD SPOT FIRES" when you fan more hot air into them.

Me, i just play the tables and dont care much for the politics.
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