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appropriate at this time
Now that I have my access at VPF and AJ's sorted, I'm ready to get back to work.

I have Ramp work to do, but never showed this;

This one just simply is not possible, but I'm going to try to do it anyway. There is one way I can think of that just might work.

The pic shows a VP session. there is dart (ball) at this piint, but its' flight is wack.


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appropriate at this time
The dart board is face up on the floor, you are looking down at it and also kicking darts (balls) and basically dropping balls on the table. active ball will be used to apply a vector in based on a gage, two actually. I've played jave games like that.

I've played it at different angles and POV and it can raneg from point blank to a long throw. Default will try to be about reg.


appropriate at this time
Ok. It'll work, maybe, just have to figure out where the dart hits the board, but that's important. I just have to make sure that the dart has zero vector when it comes in contact with the board, but I could do that with timers. No. It can't be done But wait, it's the same damn time of flight so I could use a timer, or is it the same time if I effect the velx and y? should be, I'll check that out. So it can be done after all. But no, because where, with out where, well without where, you cant score and the game would not be as good. I'm going to have to sleep on that. I could have about 17 thousand triggers for each hole, then move the ball up and to the right till it hits one, or down and to the left, or something, the direction of movment is not important, what is is that it will work and I can sleep on something else.
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