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Original Table Dragon Ball


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Ok,this is a table that I started a long time ago, and that I had left in my drawer to get the dust, but now I want to finish it.

This table has as its theme one of the most famous and well-known "Japanese anime", which after more than 20 years, is back with the "super" version ..... so here is my version on a pinball.

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I want to play this one.
I remember when the movie came out. There were barely no children at the cinema, just adults :D

I still enjoy watching an episode or two every now and then so i'm a bit biased on the theme :)


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Looks really good!

I'm sure you can get some DBZ animated character BAM custom models to work with the table? (not sure if you PC can handle that?)


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Looks good Wild! I only remember Dragon Ball Z but that was aimed at kids moreso. The layout of your table looks really good!
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