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version 1.4.2 is starting. I managed to get a bit done, but had to take some personal time off, but here's a list of things done and planned...

- shivaFlippers 3.2: I'm running experiments using the rotational chart method. So, at the moment, there are no walls or triggers, but the internal code is a lot simpler. The variable coil is a lot more noticeable, so new settings are being worked on. Down the road, you may see variable flipper mass added, but I feel it's more important to get other things done first.
- More manual rewriting to reflect new changes. The beginners Tutorial especially needs to be reworked a bit, as the vast majority of people will just use the vault items to build their table.
- Music system is being redone with new sound files and a master filename system. This is for me, but multiple music sets will be back as well down the road, and if I have that time, complete with voices (be the Solid State stern set though, it takes a long time to do these music files)
- Single xml used due to fp needing to be restarted if script fp changed. Speed boosted in some areas. Now a bit more bouncy than before.
- Adjusted shivaflippers to be less "sloppy". This is due to the nature of FP/BAM not updating the flipper swing after a button press. I have thought up a solution, but won't be worked on till other things are done first
- fixed a lighting issue with Plastic v_fpxHeadConnect1
- started conversion of header and bottom flipper area to Vault items with BAM lighting. This will allow down the road completely new setups for your flippers, like the Centaur setup, or as a example, the williams Black Knight setup, complete with Magnasave. This will be done like any other vault item, select the vault item you want, and copy and paste the objects and script into the engine template. I will be doing the lens lights as a vault item in a future version. Again for the same reason, this allows you to change the bonus system to a different end of ball system (as a example: the KISS bonus or Big Game card system. This will also allow for things like a mini-bonus system to be added as well)
- New Vault items are being added. A simple 3 bumper setup, ABC lanes with lane change (set to bonus Multiplier), a "center piece" setup and maybe multiball. You may also see a couple very simple vault items like spinners.

I hope with 1.4.2 that with all the vault items, a full table design can be completed with a good selection of design and table elements. I will include a sample table (based on what my videos have already shown) with the vaults included, so people have something to play. With the next series of vaults afterwards, (starting with 1.4.3) they will get slightly more complex (and "newer" with each release), and be based on existing arcade tables. (such as the twin kickers from Lost World, or the 5 letter system used in Evil and Star Trek) The intention is to do a small series of vaults each time, and use them to form more sample tables. This allows me to make the vault items "fit better" with each other (which makes things even simpler to use for you) and also it's easier for playability testing as well.


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Regarding shivaflippers I want to say that I anxiously waiting.

You mention down the road changing the mass. When you get there, make sure you really test that.

I done that with spinners on Bally Spectrum and then hit a problem on a table with just one spinner when using multiball. So I requested help and basically:

It is not safe to change mass when it gets hit [the spinner].
You more less do something like this:
Spinner get hit, it get portion of energy and right after that you change spinner mass 15x times.
Physics engine is about transfer of energy and conservation of momentum. Momentum is velocity * mass. You change mass ... and create mess.
So, the spinner is a special object as it gets "hit" multiple times with just one ball hit (and fp not being all that stable ended up in yet another issue).
I want to tell you abou that just in case you find weird behaviour nonetheless. It might prevent you losing time on something not worth it.


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Thanks. That would be down the road anyway, and I have wasted enough time on various things as it is. At the moment, hurt my leg so can't do anything much anyway, but keep that in mind when ever I can get out of bed. :(
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