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Happy 46th birthday Smurfs


PN co-founder
Posted by nicolas.b elsewhere.

46 years old!

The Smurfs are a fictional race of small blue creatures that live in a forest somewhere in Europe. They were created by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo, but are best-known to English-speaking audiences through the animated television series by Hanna-Barbera Productions.

Peyo was the creator of a comic strip serial in Le Journal de Spirou called "Johan & Pirlouit" (translated to English as "Johan and Peewit"). Set in the middle ages in Europe, Johan is a brave young page to the king, and Peewit (pronounced Pee-Wee) is his faithful, if boastful and cheating, midget sidekick. Johan rides off to defend the meek on his trusty horse, while Peewit gallops sporadically behind on his goat, named Biquette. The pair are driven by duty to their king, and the courage to defend the underpowered.

On October 23, 1958, Peyo introduced a new set of characters to the "Johan & Pirlouit" story. This alone was nothing so exciting, as the brave duo were constantly running into strange new people and places. This time, they were charged with recovering a Magic Flute, which required some sorcery by the wizard Homnibus. And in this manner, they summoned a Schtroumpf!

"Schtroumpf" appears to be an invented word — it sounds like the German word "strumpf" ("sock"), but this might be a coincidence — and would later be translated to nearly 30 languages. One of those languages would be the English version, "Smurf". In any case, the tiny blue people were a sudden hit, commercially speaking. They quickly moved into their own series, which became a tremendous success...

the rest here:


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Pinball Wizard
Heh, weren't smurfs a little like antithesis to lemmings? Instead of little green creatures that throw themselves off cliffs, they were little blue creatures that did all kinds of creative and no-so-creative activities. They'd be more like the guys trying to save the lemmings in the Psygnosis video game if it were on automatic. :D

My favorite smurf was "Pushover Smurf". I just saw that episode last year or so while surfing through the channels I stopped at Cartoon network when I saw The Smurfs were on (used to watch them as a kid). I laughed myself silly at Pushover Smurf. I couldn't believe they had a such a goofy smurf and actually would name him Pushover.

Just imagine the smurfs you could have today....

Drugpusher Smurf
Crack-Addict Smurf
Homey Smurf
Slim Shady Smurf
Verizon Smurf
Pimpin' Smurf
Starbucks (aka Barista) Smurf
Bart Smurf

and of course with Star Wars Ep. III coming up:

Jedi Smurf
Darth Smurf
Obi-Wan Smurf-Nobi

And imagine the Smurf Reality shows you could have....

Survivor Smurf!
Smurf In The City!
Bachelor Smurf!

OK, I'm all smurfed out...


PN co-founder
Funny post SmurfDude! We already have Verizon Smurf, although he isn't blue. If I ever got my hands on that guy he would be blue when I was done choking him so he couldn't ask that damn anoying question again.

John :johntiltjlp:


Pinball Wizard
I thought I was turning into a Smurf last night. Now before I get the "I'll have some of what he's having" quips, here is the story.

Whilst cooking tea last night the wife yells out to me "the toilet won't stop running!!" in a panicky voice. Sure enough the damn thing was not closing off. Not being the brightest light on the playfield I tried to fix it at the same time as cooking tea - go figure. It gets worse. The reason it wouldn't shut off was due to one of those blue toilet cistern blocks had broken up and got lodged under the shut off plunger.

Washing my hands and turning and stirring the meal back I went to try and dislodge the culprit. Finally coming to the conclusion I would need to turn the water off to the toilet I managed to get the float out of the way, felt around for the broken block and fixing the problem.

Of course my hands were blue, (this is the Smurf part folks) and do you think that dye comes off easily. No way Jose. It is waterproof afterall. ^%%(^$%*.

To make matters worse as the tap hadn't been closed for 9 years when I turned it back on the darn thing leaked like a sieve.

Out went dopey-smurf to have tea and as I was in such a sh*ty mood burnt my mouth on the now superheated food.

So, how was your day? :D


Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
Also, did you know that you ridiculous heathens have been pronouncing their name "Americanesh" all this time?

It's Der Schtroumpfs, you silly-willys!

And NOW for one of the most exasperating moments in Papa Schtroumpf's life:


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