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Happy Birthday shivaSite


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On March 3rd, 1998, shivaSite opened for the first time, on a old Tripod account (which is still there, geez...) Orginally, we were a StarCraft website, and started supporting pinball a couple months later. Hard to believe it's been 7 years now, and what has happened since then. On the very first day, we got about 50 unique page views (which I suspect was me) and I doubt I ever hit 1,000 for at least a month afterwards. Now, since Christmas on the new server, we have gone over 6.5 million unique page views, a rather noticeable difference.

I hope people are enjoying the new site, and it's setup. Usually, I have something nice to tell everyone, but I'm no longer doing any VP related work anymore, other than trying to get the content back in, though it's a very slow process. The site itself will continue to improve, and sometime soon will sport some new features, a RSS feed system, and a new article/editorial/tutorial system I am working on.

Last year was a rather long year for shivaSite, but we managed to get over the hump, and we are looking good for the next couple years, so I wish to thank the supporting members, friends and the staff of shivaSite for all their help, suggestions and encouragement to make this site the best it can be.


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If I had known about this sooner I would have arranged an online Roast & Toast for you, Big Blue. So what time is the reception, and is there going to be cake and coffee?

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