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We will be adding a Pay Pal link shortly, to collect donations for shivaSite, since they have been offline so often lately. It might seem a bit odd for Pinball Nivana to join in the effort to support another VP site financially, especially when some day we might need to ask for donations ourselves. But I believe that it's in all our interests to help shivaSite not only survive, but to expand if at all possible.

I have donated on a regular basis from the first week I discovered shivaSite, mainly because I feel that since I download resources from the site, I should help cover the costs of operation. But more than simply donate, I am a staff member at shivaSite, and was the caretaker for a year and a half while shiva had limited Internet access. So I feel like I have a vested interest.

I've gotten to know shiva fairly well over the past three years, and while he isn't perfect, his first concern is for the betterment of the VP community. He has taken a good bit of criticism over the years, which he doesn't deserve, in my opinion. I've found that if you are willing to meet shiva half way, he'll do anything you ask, if it is at all possible. I for one applaud his No Nonsense approach.

shiva has outlined his plans to reinvent shivaSite on a seperate and reliable server, which will make the site assessable all of the time. The new server will allow shivaSite to not only expand and offer more features, but might well serve as back up for at least Pinball Nirvana and VPO. But the reality is that all this will need to be supported by regular donations by more than the few who make a donation every now and then.

Starting next month, I have pledged $10 a month, each and every month. In fact, I have added shivaSite to my list of bills I pay on a regular basis, so that I don't forget. That way, on the third of each month, I'll make a Pay Pal donation, right along with paying my rent, my newspaper, and my Juno bill. I urge anyone who can afford $5 or $10 to consider a monthly donation. It's one way that we all can assure a stronger VP community.

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Thanks Big Blue. I assume I need to upload it through FTP, but I'm not sure where. Care to give me a hint.

Heh, I already told you. :) Thanks John, now get busy on that new FAQ I just put in. :)
Well, ask a dumb question so I can have material for the FAQ. Or a not so dumb question if you prefer. :p

Sorry, I am not capable of asking dumb questions, only smart ones...
About the donation link

JonPurpleHaze removed the shivaSite donation link before I had a chance to explain the server problems. It will be added back shortly.

Re: About the donation link

tiltjlp said:
JonPurpleHaze removed the shivaSite donation link before I had a chance to explain the server problems. It will be added back shortly.


Nice to be back, I have a lot of catching up to do and I already screwed up... :oops:

I added the block back but the link doesn't work, shiva can you help me correct it?
I made the $10 dontion I pledged to shivaSite this morning. I'm not bragging, just remiding anyone else who intends to make monthly donations that that time has arrived.

Since shivaSite has been able to move to their own spiffy new server, we will shortly be removing the shivaSite donation link form Pinball Nirvana. That doesn't mean we aren't still on good terms with Big Blue, only that the drive to help fund a new server has been successful. Thanks to everyone who donated though our link.

Thank you guys once again, it was kind of hard to get donations when the damn (soon to be) EX SERVER kept going down. As to the new server, what can I say, but heh heh heh. :)
Gonna be a great Christmas. So far, looks great, new design, new portal, a new arcade system, new changes on policies and how things are done, and a lot of problems solved (crossing fingers on that one) and for me personally, I finally get to release my first orginal game (it will be there as well Christmas) and I get to spend Christmas with my son
Your most welcome Big Blue. I don't know how much actual help we were, but if nothing else, we reminded folks that you and VPF were not connected at the hip, other than with that ratty server. I did it mainly because in the 3 years I'm known you you've been a great friend, and because the resources at shivaSite are too valuable to lose. Sounds like you're going to have a fantastic Xmas this time around.

Yeap, though I will admit we have been playing around with stuff on the new site, but looks good. The new arcade looks great, and the portal actually works, which I can't say the same for the old one.

Name servers will be changed Tuesday. Staff will be given access as soon as soon as everything is ready. I've looked into the bandwidth for you guys, but, I decided at the time not to get a reseller account, mainly because of the fact it would have added 400 to our costs. Shame on you for not telling me, I have the bandwidth and space, a copy of PostNuke available, everything. All had to do was put it to a vote in the SM boards. But, can't host domain sites. :(
Well Jon did not mention this to me, I only just noticed the donation link myself, after reading your post shiva.

Damn you JPH, be up front with these things or I'll be over there to slap you about. :p

Anyhows here's hoping we can keep this boat afloat.
Yeah, really. Slap him around extra for me StevOz. :)

If it's just spare bandwidth, well, I have way more than is needed at the moment, I have more bandwidth than the entire VPF server now. The only thing I can't do is have more than one domain name on my server. If I had know earlier, I could have talked with the host, maybe work something out.

Grr... after all the help you guys did as well for me. :cuss:
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