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History Of Magic Screen Bingo Machines

By Wally

I have been playing Bingo Pinball for about twenty-five years, and consider myself a 'good player'. Like any game of skill, the more you play the better youl become. A flippered pinball game may take a player years to master, where a bingo game can take decades and still be just as fun and exciting as day one.

Bingo, A Fun Challenge!
In Hawaii, where I live, there are over 100 bingo machines in operation, almost all 'Magic Screen' machines. (Clicking on the machine name will take you to the Internet Pinball Database for that machine!) Carnival Queen, Sea Island, Ballerina, County Fair, Laguna Beach, Roller Derby, Can-Can, Bikini and Lido are among the more popular bingos.

MAGIC SCREENS : First introduced in Carnival Queen, the numbers on the card are stationary, but a moving metal screen is slid across them. The screen has in-line scoring and irregularly shaped colored section scoring. In the sections, rather than needing 3,4,or 5-in-line, you can get 3,4, or 5-in-section to score. While some sections have numbers that are in a line, to win in a section, the lit numbers DO NOT need to be adjacent!

What makes these games so popular? Is it is pure relaxation, or is it the money that could be won? For me, it is both. Are these games gambling devices? Not at all. A gambling device is defined by law as a 'game of chance', i.e. a slot machine, a crap shoot, etc. Bingos are pure physical and mental skill. These games should be an Olympic event But in the real world, ironically, after mastering a bingo game, the highest honor a player can get is to be '86'ed' [not allowed to play) in a bingo parlor, because the player almost always leaves with a profit.

I know there are countless bingo players out there like myself who would love to play a new magic screen bingo on their PC. If we all contact Druadic, show our support and feedback, he will see the demand and build the first magic screen table. As I have been encouraging him: "Build it and they will play".

And although there are no Magic Screen bingos recreated for VP yet, Pinball Nirvana does have 14 regular bingos to try out and enjoy. They can be found in the Bingo download section, and include 400, Atlantic City, Broadway, Coney Island, Gayety, Lite A Lite, Metro, and Stars.

Wally Voeks

Updated Jun 29, 2004 Written by Wally Voeks

edit by webmaster: Since this article was written, many magic screen Bingo's have been released, including Hung's Continental and Malibu Beach, click on the title to download!


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