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How to overwrite VPinMame 1.59 into 1.60 ?


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I want to upgrade my "older" VpinMame V 1.59 into V 1.60 but it will not succeed. I have installed the VIP (Visual Installation Pack) V by Phoenixx and everything is working well. The folder where i put all the files is called Pinball. Now i only want the latest VPinMame 1.60. I download the .zip file and then i want to unzip it with WinRAR to the Pinball folder. Then WinRAR says: do you want to overwrite all the old files into the new ones ? I click yes, but then i get the message that some files can't be unzipped to the Pinball folder (for example VPinMame.dll, setup.exe and VPinMameTest). Do I have to remove the complete Pinball folder completely or just a couple of files in the Pinball folder before i unzip the latest file, VPinMame 1.60

Some assistance would be very wishful.

Thanks in advance !

Greetz, GvdM


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Hello gvdm,

Visual PinMame (on my machine) is actually installed into a sub folder called vpinmame, so the files inside the zip folder need to be extracted (with full paths) and overwrite the current files. I usually use WinZip and the option in that program is called "use folder names".

I suspect that the error message "some files can't be unzipped..." might mean that those files are in use, make sure VPM isn't running when you start the extraction into the vpinmame folder.

Hope that helps!
edit: With WinRar be sure to browse to the correct location of your VPM install folder..
SEE The Following Post!
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I found a thread at VPForums that might help for updating VPM with a previous VIP installation:
As for VPM, sorry i didnt get around to update it yet. Like LH said, to update it manually is quickly done; you simply download the new version, (currently 1.60), unzip the archive to a folder on your desktop, and then move the vpinmame.dll into the 'Pinball' folder replacing the old one. You dont need to run any installer or anything. The 'Pinball' folder is the VIPs main-directory and will be wherever you installed the VIP to. Default is C:\Programs\Pinball. After you moved the DLL you can delete the unpacked folder from your desktop.

It appears that you only need to update the vpinmame.dll file!

Here's the thread:
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