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    And now for something different-- our browser games collection!
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IRPinball's New Guestbook


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:welcome1: Visitors!

IRPinball had to move it's guestbook, we haven't had any control over the old one for a long time, it will be deleted soon.

The problem is, nobody @ IRP was ever notified that there was a new post and there was an option to make the post a private message, the old site would allow the pm message to be sent but we couldn't read them.
You can do that here by clicking on my username if you Register.

All of the messages from the old place have been imported, see the thread Imported Messages (826 entries 7/2001 to 1/2012).

It's suggested that you Register at Pinball Nirvana before you post, it's free and many new features will be available to you, including notification of responses to any new post that you make.

A few (all now optional) of the questions we asked at the old site were:[FONT=Arial, Helvetica]
Where are you from?
What is your favorite Visual Pinball Table(s)?

What is your favorite Pinball Machine?

Comments about IRPinball's website?

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There's a lot of VP History at IRPinball! It is quite nice to see all these tables there and wonder how such recreations were made back in the day, and most of the tables under 1 MB! Awesome!

Here is an extremely well made table by user Gottlieb, which is a recreation of Gottlieb's Spirit of '76 table. It is very photoreal! The look and feel of it make me think I'm playing the real machine in someone's garage or something!



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I love IRP! It's where I started at. Mind you I started in late 2008, having never turned on a computer before. When I found out how to make the pins actually work, I was blown away! Compared to now is quite different, but not knowing anything, then all of the sudden you can play what you haven't played in 20+ years....! OMG! Much of my vp8 collection is from there. Hopefully I can update some in vp9 sometime.....


only problem I am having with IRPinball is their abnormally slow download speeds
it takes upwards of two minutes for me to get most any table from there
and these are all smaller pins like around 5 megs or less!
but boy are there some great pins sitting on that site!
many of the older vp ones reside there still (vp6, vp 8
and are a blast to look through and play
kinda' like strolling through a just opened museum
I swear each time I go there I find pins I missed on earlier visits!
ah good times can be had there as much as the other sites too
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