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Janet leigh and rodney dangerfield rip 10/4/2004


PN co-founder
I hadn't heard about Rodney Dangerfield. They both will really be missed. Psycho was quite a movie, and Janet Leigh's talent only added to the suspense. And Dangerfield never failed to make my sides ache from laughter. What a sadder place the world will seem.



Add-a-ball specialist
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I considered making a Rodney Dangerfield or Henny Youngman table once, but I couldn't find enough wave files, I have records of theirs, but I'm not ready to use a microphone and make a bunch of files for a table. These 2 guys are certainly the best one liner comedians of all time.

Janet Leigh was certainly a lady of class, much unlike her trampy acting daughter, even though I like Jamie Lee Curtis, she is very different than her mother. I always like Tony Curtis too.


Pinball Player
"I went to the junkyard once to buy a tire for my car.
By the time I picked one out, the junkyard guys had my car up on a hoist, got my battery and radio out, and was working on removing me car's gas tank..."

I don't get no respect either (ha ha)

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