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Pinball Nudger
I miss John. To me he represented what an internet user should be. He was open to new idea but never afraid to take a stand. He was unflappable and never seemed to feel the neeed to attack someone personally. I hope life starts to treat him better than it has up to now.

Rodgz and a few wags from Strong Bad II


Pinball Player
I miss him too. His absence leaves a gap in the community. :cry:
But if he is well and happy, then its all good. I really must get off my but and send him a letter I have here for him.


Add-a-ball specialist
Site Supporters
I sent John a Spider-man action figure with his fist pumped in the air and told him when he looked at it to think of me saying "Up Yours!" =D>

He seems to be in better health since he's not online constantly, but says it is a shock to the system to go from living on the forums to nothing. He said it will take a miracle to get him back online.

It sure is quiet here without him