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Joust style head to head play


appropriate at this time
I was over at VPF today and saw a thread about Joust ("Joust again" I think it is called), and someone was saying "too bad VP don't do head to head well. Well I thought, why wouldn't it? it does about everything else and confirmed in a few minutes that indeed it does. here is an almost default VP table set up for head to head physics.

I wish I was able to post this there.

You could not use two VP plungers, you would have to use two of the many work-around plunger methods out there.


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appropriate at this time
You would really need a cocktail monitor style set up to really enjoy this, but most of us have that, being as into this crap as we are, right?


appropriate at this time
You guys, most of you could think of some really good originals to make with this. I would probably do a space invaders type duel first, a race to dissolve baracades to score first and hard!

Here, for example, hitting the guns on your side fire the guns on the other side which shoot your opponents' slings which are barracades which break down bit by bit when shot like that. But the slings arn't done yet.

Loops for race car games would be cool too.


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