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Anthias submitted a new resource:

Lizard Harem - Original table by Anthias - Lizards are a common theme, so are girls. So why not - Lizard girls?

King Goana has a harem full of lizard girls he has charmed from all over the lizard world.

And now, you get to play with them!

An EM original table with GeorgeH's BAM physics.

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That looks smart m8, will do a video preview :-)

Mines got anerror the scores carries oncounting when nothings is happening and when the game end the score carry on so when you start a new game you start with points already


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That's strange. I haven't been able to reproduce it. But EM reels do have a counting delay so the bonus lights count down fast and then the reel takes a bit to catch up, (a mechanical feel is slow) but it resets when I start a new game. I'll keep trying and see if I can make it break so I know what to fix.
(I actually have many childhood memories of waiting for old EM machines to finish counting for sometimes minutes after my dad finished a game because the reels were so slow)
I like it. I don't experience the problem with the score like Ian describes. In my opinion, the ball drains too fast. It might be caused by the flippers being too far apart. By the way, Gimli is the co-developer of the dynamic flipper code you are using.
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