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Looking For Opinions From Long-Time nVidia Users


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If you are someone who uses nVidia for a long time, perhaps you can help me with this:

When i bought that 9800GT last year, it didnt take very long for me to regret it. The ControlPanel was a disappoinment deluxe, the video settings gave me problems no end, (media players wouldnt keep my brightness settings, etc.), and i always suspected that there is something wrong with the AntiAliasing, since many things (games) that never looked wrong to me with my ATI XT850PE (and earlier ATIs) suddenly looked like jagginess city and therefore crap, even with AA maxed out. In other words, despite of having AA on i more and more noticed jagginess where i never noticed it before, and it seems like i notice it with something new every other day.

And this cant be just 'coincedence', because many of these games i have for years. Some of them already ran on my Radeon 9000, and like i said, i never noticed such an extreme amount of jagginess in any of them. Now it practically sticks out like a sore thumb, therefore i wonder are nVidia cards really that unbelievably bad at AntiAliasing that it looks like it isnt on at all even when its set to full? And why is it that there seems to be only any AA effect at all when TextureFiltering is activated as well? This is something i can reproduce at will; with AA on and TF off jagginess no end, with AA off and TF on jagginess no end, only when i turn BOTH on the jagginess is mostly gone but AA alone doesnt seem to have any effect at all. And that cant possibly be normal, can it?

Obviously AA is not really 'broken' or it would not make a difference when i use it together with TF. So what gives? Is it normal for nVidias to AntiAlias only together with TextureFiltering, and not at all when AA is being used alone?
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