Fireball Classic (Bally, 1985) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation My version of Fireball Classic is done. v1.0 VPM 2020-01-28

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Jun 23, 2003
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Get it at... and AJ's, eventually.

First Release v1.0 7-24-2007

A big thanks to Bob Clements, for supplying tons of photos and info of his own machine.

A kinda weird table. Old school play, with modern sound, and 3 ball multiball. Somewhat simular to Fathom, but not quite as pretty.

I'm not sure, but its the only table I've seen where the playfield is one piece, but split and bent at the top to make a huge sort of ramp.

This table has the incremental plunger. Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the strength, and hit enter to launch the ball. But it defaults to the original, Enter key only plunger. This is adjustable on the menu, as are the dips.

As always, since my table use lots of reels, and most modern video cards have problems with vp reels, it is highly advised that you either run VP 8 beta 6 (which seems to have solved the problems), or run my speed fix, which turns off Direct Draw acceleration.

I have included the speedfix files in the zip containing this table.

Thanks to Inkochnito for his nice standard dip adjustment menu, and many thanks to PacDude for his original version.

Enjoy Fireball Classic!

Kurt Herman
PacDude made the original version? I though it was Bally.
Anyway, thanks for your unoriginal version. It looks keen and plays swell.
Your a funny guy, shockman. :)

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