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Need Help With Joker Poker (SS)


Inserted Coin
I've recently downloaded the SS version of Joker Poker and I've run into a problem when loading it. It says it's missing two of the roms in the set I downloaded from AJ's. All I have is the 417.cpu rom and it's missing two .bin files.
Can anyone shed some light on this?


Inserted Coin
This may not be the place to ask about rom files...but any idea where I could find these missing files?

I did some research and found an old topic on VPforums that had them in an attachment...but it was just a zero byte corrupt zip file that didn't work.


Pinball Wizard
Is this it? That is all I have for Joker Poker. I don't think the rom has any sounds BTW. I think you need GTS1.VBS in the tables folder as well. Hope this helps. Later

Edit: I think you press 4 for coins on this table.


  • GTS1.zip
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Pinball Nudger
The ROM file you posted Liteuser is exactly the one I have, so it should work.

I thought I had all the scripts, but found I was missing the GTS1.vbs one as well.

This is a definate upgrade over the VP version.

BTW, I found 3 to work for adding coins. :)
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