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Pirate Gold Rules


Pinball Wizard

As you may have noticed I am reproducing Pirate Gold by Chicago Coin. I need to work out the rules now I'm up to writing the script.

I need to work out what makes all the lights go on and off.

Specifically I need to know the following:

There are 3 lanes at the top.
- The left and right lanes score bonus when lit, these alternate according to the flyer.
- The middle lane at the top lights for an extra ball, anyone know how?

The left and right lanes on each side of the machine have rollovers which light to score 100 - anyone know how they become lit?

The 100 bumper lights, anyone know how?

The middle horseshoe lane has a light below stating it scores 500 when lit but the plastic says 1000 when lit. The flyer says it scores 500 or 1000 when lit, go figure :s . I suspect that the 500 light below this feature must go out when it goes to score 1000 and there must be a light under the plastic (maybe both lights on score 1000), seems a bit strange but it is possible. If you look at this pic: http://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=1...4972&zoom=1 it appears that the lane doesn't go up very far so there could well be a light under the plastic higher on the playfield than the ball can go.

Down the bottom are 4 outlanes:
- How does the special light? How do the inner outlanes light, are they just alternating? I figure they must alternate like the lights at the top.

Any help would be appreciated. If no-one knows I'll just have to make a best guess. The only way to light anything that I can see would be by getting the bonus up to 500, I can't see any other way. I have the rules as printed on the card but they are no help. I also don't understand how the add-a-ball version works - I figure it just lights the "Same Player Shoots Again" light and you can only add one ball at a time, especially since the machine has "Ball in Play" display rather than a display counting down the balls. I also can't find the lights for the match number - anyone know where they are - I can't see any trace of them on the backglass.

I know the machine comes in add-a-ball mode or replay so I'm thinking of making it switchable which wouldn't be too hard. However, clarity of rules would be great.

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