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Problems accessing PN


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I've been getting a lot of trouble accessing PN for the last few days. It is mostly very very slow and often I get a "Service Unavailable" message.

Are you guys doing some maintenance, is it just me?
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I had something strange happen. I have a bookmark to this site https:// pinballnirvana.com/. When I clicked on it, my browser said "Redirecting to https:// pinballnirvana.com/forums in 5 seconds". After waiting what seemed slightly longer than 5 seconds, the site came up.

I don't know if this will help Jon figure out what is going on or not but all I can do is report what is happening. It does seem that opening the home page takes longer to respond than clicking on links on the home page. Like previously mentioned, I agree the site seems very sporadic. Sometimes it responds quickly and other times slow although the home page always takes longer to open.


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Sorry All, I've been troubleshooting along with some updates to the software and trying to get this fixed.

I received a email from the hosting company on Friday that is mind blowing to me, I haven't responded to them yet but it's unacceptable, they are slowing us down.

I'm going through some steps that were suggested like web crawler controls and CloudFlare before responding to them.

We've been with Dreamhost for 15 years and they recently started to delete my database backup folder and move them to a 60 day trial program, their email's last suggestion was to change to a higher plan. I'm messing around with CloudFlare so the site was unreachable awhile ago,
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It appears you may have figured it out. I thought it could be a simple response time problem due to the addition of the 5 images posted on "Latest Media". "Latest Media" is a relatively new addition to the home page. It seems the home page is always the slowest to respond. ...But probably not.

Isaac Sauvage

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Actually it makes sense to me that the home page could load somewhat slower than an access point like latest posts, which is how I usually hit the site.

I.e., the 'home page' method has to run a variety of modules (plus create those five media thumbnails) and tidily arrange them all in to one page. "Latest posts" by comparison runs far less functions, and mainly just lists posts in order of recency.

So if the site host was running at top speed, your connection was up to the task, and you had a good machine, then the two different access methods might load almost the same speed for you, even though internally in XF, much more work is going on with the one. But when there's more drag from point A to point Z (for any and all reasons), then users might start seeing a more noticeable difference.
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