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I have been trying to promote VP to some online friends but I am having trouble describing the tables on offer at ‘Pinball Nirvana’

Just looking for a short description. So far;
VPF for modern (post 1977) digital tables
IRP for Electro-mechanical (pre 1977) tables
Pinball Nirvana for the pinball machines your grandfather played

See, it just seems (to me) a bad description, can anyone do better?
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Pinball Nirvana offers a wide selection and collection of flipperless tables and game, both recreated and original. They include Bingos, Bagatelle, and Commercial Coin-Ops and Pay Outs from bygone eras. But they also offer recreations of Video and Arcade games, Pachinko, and Slots.

That's as brief as I can be and include everything we offer. But if you need a one sentence thing, Flipperless & Fun, A Continuing History. Hope that helps. And thanks for helping spread the word, TMFP.

John :oldman
I think I will use the 'bygone era' bit

The more people we introduce to VP, the more chances we will find people willing to participate
Pinball Nirvana has Flipperless Pinball tables, but they are also the main site or the only site for Nonpinball (Recreations or Originals) games made with the Visual Pinball program.
You're right Bob. In some ways the non-pinball games are what really sets us apart. I think some of the arcade and video games not only show how powerful VP is, but that we have some very creative and talented authors. Apoc's non VPM work is among some of the best you'll find anywhere. And if you haven't, check out BJ's Finagle dice game.

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