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Redswal Releases 7 Recreations!


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In 2 Days? By Redswal!

Thank You! 1 of your releases is a joy for me and 7 is simply incredible!


All of them are a ton of fun and 6 of them are Flipperless!

I was just blown away by these vintage beauty's, Find them here, soon to be at IRPinball:


A-B-C Bowler (1941 Gottlieb)

Angle Light (1935 Coincraft Corp)

Baffle Card (1946 Gottlieb)

Bumper (1936 Bally)

Follies of 1940 (1939 Genco Mfg. Co.)

Flying Saucers (1950 Genco Mfg. Co.)

Golden Gate (1934 Exhibit Supply Co.)

Love that Plunger on Baffle Card and here's an ole wip Golden Gate screenshot from druadic:
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