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Here a game in construction, inspirated by the movie. The playfield is not yet designed but the intro, the backglasses of the table and a few animations begin to work.

Here the screenshots of the intro (in not too large size), with the story and the goals of the table.

And here the text of the intro:

The story reputedly portrays a real gang of street punks that did rise to some power in Rome from 1977-92.

Thanks to strategic deals with the Sicilian Mafia, right-wing terrorists and secret government organizations, three childhood friends Il Freddo, il Libanese and il Dandy will rise from the streets to run organized crime and finally, conquer the underworld of the Italian capital.

Over the course of their history, Police Lieutenant Scialoia follows them, trying to bring them to justice and win the heart of one of their girlfriends…


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Here the screen when the 1980 bombing of the Bologna train station marked the beginning of the end of their gold period.


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And now the goals of the game.

You manage the gang and all the game is played with the pinball.
You lose if your balls kill all the members of your gang : Il Libanese, il Freddo and il Dandy.

But you can also kill your opponents by hitting targets or deal with them.
The call girl Patrizia may be with you or against you. Roberta is always your friend.

Your gang starts off by kidnapping a baron who Libanese casually murders. That’s why you begin the game with 100 millions dollars.

Throughout the game, will you being hunted by Police Lieutenant Scialoia, whose ambition takes a personal turn when he gets involved with Patrizia, the most beautiful and most powerful call girl in Rome, but also Dandy's mistress.

… Or will you still in live after 16 balls ( one ball by year from 1977 to 1992 ? Will you have more or less dollars than at the beginning ? That is the question !


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Work in progress. The playfield is a night aerial view of Roma. The ball may encounters many sorts of people and things, not yet at the right place.

Also with 2 passive balls and a roto target. Not easy to have good images in the roto target. But I need images of colt, drug, money... in the roto.

Many things to do and all idéeas are welcome.


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PN co-founder
Good progress Patrick. I like the idea of the night map for the playfield, should make the ball easy to keep track of during the game. I'll see if I can help you find any images.


After NFL pinball in 2004 and Girl next door in 2005, that table will be my original project for 2006, but in Future Pinball.
It will be made for Pinball Nirvana and VP originals.

You will have 16 balls (one by year), except if you lose your 3 lifes (if you kill the 3 members of your gang with your balls) or if they are killed by the police (special drain holes).

The backglass, playfield and rules will change at each ball. The basis of the playfield is a night aerial view of Roma.

The streets (your playfield) are entirely controlled by the sicilian mafia (all targets textured with colts). You have to hit all of them.

The police controls the LeftOutLane and the RightOutLane and you must take some power before going in these lanes.

At the top left part of the playfield, there is the underworld transaction system. By hiting the 5 targets of each kind, you can take the control of the slot machines, call girls, drug and card game rackets. But some of them can reset if you dont play enough well. Hiting the passive ball will increase your power.

At the right top, there is the roto crime market. First, you have to destroy the protections. Then hiting green roto target will bring you money but hiting red roto target will decrease your score.

Rules for next balls will come after testing the current coding.


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