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Rule Sets/Pics for Older Games


Pinball Wizard
I've been thinking about trying a recreation in fp, of a maybe thirties or so Gottlieb game. Trouble is, I've looked through the IPDB, and Google, everywhere, but I can't seem to find any rule sets of playfield pics for any old tables. Any help?


PN co-founder
Good luck. There is virtually no rules information to be found for these old games. Let me know which one you decide on and I'll see if the Collector's group I belong to can help you any. Most often it's a matter of figuring out the rules from an ad or a flyer, or simply guessing your best. If I can help you guess let me know.


Pinball Wizard
Well, I would do Baffle Ball, but, correct me if I'm wrong, fp is not compatible with changing the ball color. I have a good sim of Baffle Ball(Microsoft Pinball Arcade)
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