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Sad day for VP as Destruk calls it a day


Pinball Wizard
Destruk has announced at VPF his decision to finish with VP as of immediate effect.

Very sad day indeed. His contribution will be sorely missed. :(

His post read as follows:

So long, thanks for all the fish!

My 5 year reign of terror on Pinball has come to an end. I talked it over with my friends, and they agreed - what the community probably needs most now doesn't include me. The tables listed on AJ's page with destruk can be freely modified - if this is wrong/inaccurate please post a correction for the particular work here so everyone knows. I'm not going to be around to care what changes with them. You don't have to leave my name on it, you don't even have to use the existing tables - you can make a new one and upload over the existing slot, or do anything you'd like.

I'd like to thank the following people for their help over the years.
Steve Ellenoff, Gaston, Tom Haukap, Tom Behrens, Okaegi, wpcmame, Jared, Worf, Bluetex, Uncle Reamus, Skalar, TAB, PD, Highrise, Nicky Special, KidC, Cyborg, Joxer, Shockman, Eala, Bubblehead, Joep, DesAngel, Shiva, Guru, AJ, Jive, Moonchild, LuvThatApex, Mr.Fixx, Gottlieb, MrHide, Jim Hernandez, Nic B, Inkochnito, Randy Davis, Lio, Black, Stein, Apocalypse, Kristian, Shep, Gerhard, Nico 193, El Condor, MNPG, GalacticGames, JPSalas, Pinball Ken, Pingod, Patatrox, Krellan, Neurokinetik, RacerXMe, Nedo, Zaphod, Dox, Maloti, Bezeen, Rob046, Aurian, Imperical, Scapino, Joe Entropy, Joe Blasi, Aussie34, jbl_fun, Cowboy, Cold1, Ripleyyy, Jamin, PeBo, Magnox, Plumb, Gravitar.

If I had any last requests - it's that the community simply remembers there's a feeling, living person on the other side of the computer monitor - try to get along and continue to make this a fun place about pinball.

Brian Smith

We have no patience for your foolishness. You will cooperate with us or you will be destroyed.


Staff member
Site Supporters
Several of us knew ages ago Brian was gonna leave for good. Can't say I blame him, he's done more than just about anyone here, and what he received back just wasn't the effort IMO.

I hope you lot are real happy now. Randy's disappearance (and I think it's for good, I don't blame him if that's what he decides), Brian, and countless others. Before, it was no problem, just find other people to take their place. Well, how do you replace a Randy, or a Brian?

I'm very sorry to see Brian make that choice. I have known him longer than anyone, but I understand that it's also time for him to do other things, especially if they are for himself. If he's happy doing what he wants to do, then I am happy for him as well. He's always been a friend to me more than anything, and that's more important than some silly little game and even sillier politics.

It was fun at the beginning though, and it was because of people like Destruk, Joxer, and others. I know Brian will find something new, and I hope it's even more fun for him, even if it isn't something I rope him into. :)


appropriate at this time
RE: Re: RE: Sad day for VP as Destruk calls it a day

You lot. It's a old European term for all of us. I guess they don't know about such language in Ohio.
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