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Shiva, Merry Christmas


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Ha, bastards, I should sue them...

Useless facts.
Trigon is a form of a bench as well
The character was called that because it sounded cool, and Quadgon sounded silly
The orginal name of the vp game was to be called Razor.
It ended up being Trigon because the comics I had were baxter stock, as opposed to 4 ink printing. Besides, big red 60 foot characters do look cool.

I know the game BTW, been around a while. Had a pretty good xmas, kid got spoiled rotten, so did I which is nice. Christmas may be for kids, but dads should be a little spoiled as well. Got my DVD with lightscribe, just need a router now. Got some software upgraded, and also picked up a render as well, so if I was Kurt, I would be looking over my shoulder in a few months. :)

Hope everyone had a nice christmas
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