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Shocky's secret plans for world domination


Pinball Wizard
RE: Shocky

Just managed to see the movie - my security settings were previously preventing it. Very funny.

Where did you find this gem. :D


appropriate at this time
RE: Shocky

Yeah, that's pretty funny. I don't see what it has to do with world domination, though. Funny still. Version 900 though?, actually I managed that it a quarter of that many releases. I have in fact just now accomplished it. 6.2 don't work, nor does any of the mods I have at savefile. You will still get the ball through the flipper on the mods of PacDude's tables there, if you try. Only the latest version of mmpac and the LOTR mod (not yet posted) will reject that no matter how hard you try. Seems I made a mistake in assuming that the triggers would spped up the flippers if the flippers were already on the way down. It don't work that way. At the point where you set the speed faster you have got to reiterate the downward motion with a new call for the flippers to rotate to start. In the Ckeck(x) subs near the end of the script after the aflip(x).speed = (xxx) I need to put : aflip(x) .rotatetostart. I hope it don't take 900 releases to get it right. I don't think I will fix the ShockMods though, other than LOTR, as the official versions' swing down so fast that you will not get a ball through the flipper. Too bad they have to swing up just as fast though.
So in effect the ShockMods at savefile are equal to any other table using the new core that has the flippers adjusted to a normal speed, and that seems fitting.

Thanks for your interest in Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN, but you over-rate it. It will not assist in my quest for world domination, it just gets it to play as good as I can make it.

Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN if fixed and up.
LOTR too.
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