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Skee Roll - a very early WIP


Pinball Player
Hi guys,

I have decided to try to make a table based on those bowling style arcade games called "Skee Roll" here in Aus. I can get the ball to jump to the lower scores but I have as yet no idea how I will get them to clear their way to the top. Maybe with ramps and kickers but I'll get there.

Here is an early WIP screen shot.

Expect it in about a month or so.

C Ya



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PN co-founder
I used to play those all the time when I was a kid, and would still play them if I could find them. A ramp sounds like a good idea, if you use it with the adjustable speed plunger Patrick and I use all the time. A demo of it is available here in Tutorials And Support Files. Might be just the thing you need. Good luck.

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