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VP8 Williams SS Recreation Snatch back your brain, zombie! Johnny Mnemonic v1.0 is here!

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Get it at...
www.scapinosvpins.com and vpforums.org, and here at Pinball Nirvana.


First Release v1.0 3-23-2009
I spent the better part of 6 months getting the gloves to work. I created and scrapped 4 different methods before finally finding a method that worked, overlapping transparent reels.

Because this table uses them, It will only run in VP 8, NOT VP 9 (for the moment, I think they are working on getting transparent overlaying reels

I also could not get the "lost ball matrix pick up" to work, but this is not too important, as you can press "B" to add a ball in the trough, if one should get lost.

Thanks go out to the testers....
Kabuki Jo, Petri, Tab, Destruk, AGFaralos, NoahFence, Yogiholzer, and Wangho!

Thanks to: Kabuki Jo ,KidC, WPCMame, and Destruk for thier work on the previous version.

Enjoy Johnny Mnemonic!
Kurt Herman


woohoo! finally you finished ironing out those bugs! I'll try this finished version and thanks for another masterpiece!!


Pinball Wizard
Very nice work on this table Scapino! :)

The only problem I have is, the ball jumps off the left ramp some times and gets stuck. Thank you for the release. :cheers:


Inserted Coin
Very nice work on this table Scapino! :)

The only problem I have is, the ball jumps off the left ramp some times and gets stuck. Thank you for the release. :cheers:
I've had all sorts of problems with with that ramp as well, with the ball flying into some pretty unpredictable places - back down the ramp, onto the table, into the outlane, into the left orbit, you name it.

I lost a ball during multiball (yeah, "B" recovers from that), and I'd be willing to bet that the left ramp was the culprit.

[edit]Confirmed, I found the "lost" ball stuck inside the area above the left outlane. In subsequent plays, I've gotten the ball stuck there many times.[/edit]

Otherwise, awesome job. Another truly stunning recreation.
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Inserted Coin
Love it! Just wish my machine was up to it.... Turned off all the extras and went 640x480x16 but it still played like an FP table.... sob

Go to Scapino's support page. I know it says that it's not needed with VP 8.1, but I find it helps anyway. For me, the ball was stuttering all over the place until I disabled Direct Draw with his batch file, and I'm using a GTX 260 card, so it's not for lack of power. (The batch file helped me when I was using the 6150LE on-board card too, which is closer to what you have.)


Pinball Nudger
Kurt your table is truly stunning, I sure hope you do more tables like, No Good Gophers, Theatre of magic and maybe a few others in that era please, i don't mind waiting for them it is well worth the wait with all your tables. And yes i also have the problem with the left ramp at times and the ball never comes back so i have to lose a ball by pressing the b button, Add a ball. Again thanks for all your hard work. Dave P.
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